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Introduction from the Moderator - ShadowPens Writing Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"

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Introduction from the Moderator [Dec. 19th, 2004|08:07 pm]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"


To begin with, this is a place to be honest. So let me be honest:

I am a Follower of Jesus Christ. Though often, out of habit, I give into the temptation to use the word 'Christian,' I am reminded constantly of the stupidity and heresy of people who claim that name. Instead I want simply acknowledge that in all my ways I seek to give glory to the amazing person that was and is Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus was a phenomenal storyteller, and I as a creative person seek to emulate the beauty and simplicity of his communication style. Of course, seeing as I am a woman living in the 21st century, my perspective is different, but nonetheless I do seek to tell honest stories that speak of truth in a world that has lost much of its conception of truth. Thus sprung this community.

I know there are others like me, whether or not believers in this Jesus, who write out of a need to create something real, tangible, unique, and universal. Something which honors the human spirit and the human struggle to be more and better souls.

All are welcome here, no matter what beliefs you hold, and I hope this will be a safe place to discuss what it means to write with truth, honesty, and integrity, as well as to aid in the progress of our stories as we seek after that much dreamt about station of 'professional' writer.

For now I leave you with this great quote:

"This above all-- ask yourself in the stillest hour of night: Must I write? Delve into yourself for a deep answer. And if this should be affirmative, if you may meet this earnest question with an honest and simple, "I must," then build your life according to this necessity; your life even in its most indifferent and slightest hour must be a sign of this urge and testimony to it." - Rilke

Come. Dream. Write.