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OK I'll start... - ShadowPens Writing Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"

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OK I'll start... [Jan. 31st, 2005|11:32 am]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"


I just recently took a leap of faith and moved to Hollywood from Canada. Right now I am feeling rather overwhelmed by the whole Hollywood world and wondering if I'm ever gonna be good enough. It seems like no matter how much I improve I'm never good enough. I feel stuck.

Nevertheless, I'm working on several scripts. As always I am prepping & editing my series, which is the big dream to sell and produce. I'm also working on a kaufman style (sorta) dramedy, a supernatural thriller, and now a teen novel that surprised me by jumping into my brain. I'm always writing, while trying to figure out if the dream is impossible or just really difficult to achieve. I guess it must not be impossible because clearly with all the films being made and books being published, some people's dreams do come true, but it's daunting being in this situation--not feeling like I can go home-- and not knowing how I can stay in the long term if I don't sell something.

So my goals for today are to finish act 2 of the dramedy, and write lyrics for the sexy song in the re-write of the thriller I have been working on for over a year with one of my writing partners (which I do realize I didn't mention above).