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Extroverted Introversion - ShadowPens Writing Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"

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Extroverted Introversion [Dec. 26th, 2004|01:11 pm]
"Truth leaps out of dark corners"


[mood |soresore]
[music |Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol]

Something to ponder:

Weeks go by and I can't seem to get any writing done, well nothing I consider really worthwhile progress, but then my best friend, a fellow writer, comes to visit and after talking to her I get riled up, excited again, feeling like I can conquer the world...and I write like crazy. When she's gone I slowly start to slump again. Then on Christmas day I talk to another friend, also a writer. I read her newest script and I get giddy. Inspired. I write 7 pages...huh. There's a pattern here.

Community and discussion greatly helps the writer leap from the black space to ink or type on a page. I think it's good for writers to banter, because it fuels the brain, sparks passion...at least, that's how it seems to be for me.

I love my alone time, in fact I NEED my creative bubble, but I also crave personal interaction and I can't write unless I exist IN the world, not just a huddled corner of secluded thought. Great stories must be relevant and drawn from real life. What a better way to draw from life than to live it and to interact with the people that make life worth living gloriously?

Hmm. That can be said for other things too, like Christians. But that's another topic...